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Futura Lowering Trailer not raising?

Here's what to do

Please follow the wiring fault-finding guide here. It's possible the proximity sensor circuit could be at fault. Either the wiring to the sensor or the sensor itself.

Working through the fault-finding flowchart step-by-step is the way to verify this. If it comes to bridging the sensor wiring, the easiest way is to use a small flat-blade screwdriver and bridge across terminals 30 and 87, with the micro relay in place. Follow this guide to bridge the sensor wiring .

Please be very careful when nearing the top raising the trailer with the sensor bridged, as the winch will not auto-stop and this could cause damage if the winch is not stopped manually at the correct moment by releasing the up button or switch.

Please let the Futura team know if we can assist in more support with the fault-finding so we can figure out the best way to repair the fault.

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