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Futura Vehicle Trailer | Brake and Light Wiring

The information on trailer wiring in this article is specific to US model Futura vehicle trailers.

Tech Info Futura - Light and Brake Wiring Diagram - Vehicle Trailer

7 pin trailer wiring diagram - both plugs

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Note About Tow Vehicles Trailer Wiring:

The trailer lights on your Futura trailer underwent testing both at the Futura factory prior to its departure and once again by the Futura dealer before the trailer was handed over to you.

In many instances, issues related to "trailer lighting" can be attributed to either a fault in the tow vehicle wiring or, in the case of certain late-model vehicles, an inherent function of in the tow vehicle's electronic control circuit that is not suited to LED trailer lights.

In certain scenarios, owners of tow vehicles have found it necessary to activate the tow package on their new vehicles in order to ensure proper functioning of the tow vehicle's trailer wiring.

Lamp Out Sensors

Some late model tow vehicles incorporate lamp-out sensors within their trailer light wiring systems. When towing trailers equipped with LED lights like those on the Futura, you might encounter issues such as hyperflashing and erroneous computer notifications. Due to the low power consumption of LEDs, certain sensors fail to register their presence.

Consequently, your vehicle's warning system might consistently indicate that the trailer lights are malfunctioning. Furthermore, the lights on your trailer might not achieve proper illumination because your vehicle is unable to correctly identify LED lights. This situation can result in either hyperflashing lights on the trailer or lights that remain unlit.


Lamp Out Sensors Bypass Unit

A "Lamp Out" sensor bypass adaptor may be required to effectively operate LED trailer lights. If you are utilizing a late-model or European tow vehicle, we strongly recommend that you consult your vehicle dealer to determine whether an adaptor is needed to support LED trailer lights or whether the "tow package" requires activation.

This adapter has a built-in bypass system that is designed to eliminate these problems. Just plug the adapter into your vehicle's 7-way, RV-style trailer connector and you're good to go. Plug the wiring connector from your LED-lit trailer into the adapter's 7-way, blade-style receptacle and the trailer's lights will illuminate as they're supposed to, without triggering errors in your car's computer.

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