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Loading a racecar onto a Futura Racecar Trailer

Futura Trailers are the trailer of choice for racing enthusiasts and for many of the world’s leading motorsport professionals. It might be time to add your name to the list of pros and enthusiasts who use Futura racecar trailers.

The benefit of choosing a Futura lowering trailer over others is the revolutionary lowering system designed to give you easy loading and efficient transport for an enjoyable experience. But even with the simplicity of Futura Trailers, you’ll want to make sure you load your racecar properly to avoid any risk of damage to your vehicle.

When you’re ready to learn more about our trailers or speak to an authorized Futura dealer to discuss pricing and other purchasing options, contact us to begin the process of improving your racecar transporting experience, no matter where you may be in our distributing locations.



First, you’ll want to perform a thorough inspection of both the trailer and the racecar. Look over your trailer for any signs of damage you might have picked up during your latest haul.

While Futura Trailers are lightweight, easy to use, and built to last a lifetime, accidents do happen. Without proper knowledge of use and necessary maintenance work, you can also cause sufficient damage.

So, make sure you've read through our Read Before Towing guide and the Lowering Trailer Owners Manual. If any problems do arise and something doesn't seem right, contact your authorized Futura dealer or submit a service request to us directly. You're welcome to take a look at our Proper Maintenance Tips post to keep it in peak condition.

The same kind of inspection should happen with your car. It may not significantly influence the loading experience, but again, it’s easier to take care of problems before you load it onto the trailer.

Part of setting up should also include having plenty of space for the entire loading process. If you're using a tow vehicle, the trailer and vehicle should be aligned with one another on flat ground before setting up your racecar for loading. Trailer brakes should be engaged with chocks in place.



It can be difficult to load a racecar on your own. Having a spotter will help you while you're loading to ensure you’re in the middle of the trailer and to alleviate any risk of the racecar coming into contact with the trailer.



While all vehicles are valuable, racecars are prized possessions of racing enthusiasts and motorsport professionals. Not only is it an expensive investment, but also keeping it in peak condition is key to staying ahead of the competition.

That’s why human error can be particularly damaging when loading a racecar. Some choose to eliminate this issue almost entirely by using a Recovery Winch to load the vehicle. Luckily for you, Futura Trailers can offer a specially designed Recovery Winch in addition to other premium accessories that can be added to the trailer for a better ownership experience.

If you’re going at it the old-fashioned way and driving your car onto the trailer, the best piece of advice we can give you is that slow and steady wins the race. You’ll want to be confident, but not overly zealous. Luckily, when the trailer is lowered to the ground you won’t need to hit the gas too hard to get over the one inch lip of the deck.



Time to load the car. Futura lowering trailers were designed to hold the most weight in the center of the trailer, so we suggest driving or winching the racecar all the way forward to almost touching the rock guard and ensure the weight sits evenly in the middle.

If the engine is in the rear of the racecar, like many of our Porsche customers, we also suggest loading your car forward facing and as far forward as possible and the weight distribution will sit perfectly on the trailer.

With a simple push of a button, the trailer lowers to the ground to give you a loading angle of just three degrees to avoid scraping and damage. Either start winching your car on or drive on to the trailer with your spotters keeping an eye out for you.

Keep your loading speed steady and don’t put the car in park until your spotters give you the all-clear. Raise the trailer with remote in hand, and once the trailer's torsion arms lock in place, you're able to open the door and step out.



Before you're ready to take off, you’ll want to use the specially designed Futura tie-down straps to secure the vehicle, they come as a set of four. You can submit a request to purchase and have them sent directly to your door from the Futura Factory.

We also offer airline track tie-down rings to position Futura tie-downs anywhere on the trailer. These come as a set of 12. Checkout more of Futura's premium accessories we offer to owners.

Give everything an additional tug to ensure everything is secure. Now you’re all set to head to your next race if it be California race tracks or maybe you’re heading home at the end of a long season.

Either way, you’ll do so with the confidence that your pride and joy is secure and safe.

If you still need one of our lowering racecar trailers to transport your vehicle, contact us and we’ll connect you with an authorized Futura dealer and answer any questions you have to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


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