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The trailer will not lower - remote buttons are backward

When your trailer won't lower and the remote buttons are backward, this could be caused by the trailer raising winch rope being wound backwards on the winch.

This would mean that the UP button is now down and the DOWN button is now up. You will likely find that the trailer will not lower when it is fully raised. There is a sensor interlock system that stops the trailer winch from running in the UP direction when the trailer reaches the top of the lift. Now that the UP is DOWN and the winch will not run to enable the trailer to lower.

The way to fix the issue is to bypass the trailer's fully raised position sensor system and allow the trailer to lower, and replace the rope with a new rope wound on the winch drum in the correct way. To bypass the sensor please follow the instructions in this video and instructional PDF How to bridge the lifting sensor circuit

The above does not apply 2023 Model Year US and Australian Futura Lowering Trailers with SmartControl. The Futura SmartControl system has eliminated the need for a fully raised position sensor. 

Caution: On a Generation 3 model trailer ( vin numbers prior to 11266) Having the rope on the winch the wrong way also allows the rope to be cut where it exits the winch box.

If you require additional support, please get in touch with the Futura team directly, and we will gladly assist you in resolving the matter.

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