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Why Futura Trailers should be in your garage

Looking out at your pride and joy, you might feel pretty satisfied with what you’ve got. But there might be something you’re missing. An open car trailer that can haul your vehicle effortlessly, to races and events. That's where we can help! Futura lowering trailers offers a better, more efficient motorsport hauling experience overall.

As word gets around, you'll start to notice more and more customers looking specifically for Futura lowering trailers, so it’s time to contact us about how you can get in touch with an authorized Futura dealer near you to begin the purchasing process.


Futura's open car trailers

Futura's open car trailers are designed and precision engineered using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques then hand assembled.

The continuous airline track that lines the deck of the trailer makes securing your vehicle easier and more effectively than other open car trailer manufacturers. You're sure to find what you need with a range of models in varying length and width.

Before we get too carried away, let’s talk about Futura's Sport Range of lowering trailers. Futura Trailers aren’t like normal open car trailers. They come with uniquely designed lowering technology that you can’t find anywhere else.

The lowering trailers use a simple system to lower the entire deck to the ground, minimizing the loading angle to a mere three degrees. No need for ramps or a tilting deck. Simply drive on, secure, and hit the road.

Bottom line? Futura Trailers are lightweight and easy to use and the premier option for motorsport enthusiasts.


Racing enthusiasts

Futura Trailers are the trailer of choice for racing enthusiasts, and more so for those who drive vehicles with low ground clearance. Racecars can be expensive, and no owner wants to risk damaging their precious cargo when loading.

Normally, this would mean long, unstable ramps to help reduce the approach angle, but with the Futura Sport Range of lowering trailers, racing enthusiasts can load vehicles without worrying about scraping because the loading angle goes down to a mere three degrees.


Classic car owners

The Futura Pro Sport model in the Sport Range of lowering trailers is the trailer of choice for classic car owners.

The Pro Sport has the longest deck of the Futura range making it ideal for motorsport applications or large vehicles. Simply load and unload your car while the trailer isn't connected to a tow vehicle.

You can choose to add premium accessories like the rock guard and Recovery Winch to keep your investment free from damage on the road and make your towing experience effortless.


RV Travelers or multi-use

RV travelers and other multi-use customers chose Futura Trailers because they're lightweight and able to be moved around by hand when empty and can be towed fully loaded by an SUV or light truck.

They are also a space-saver. With the trailer deck lowered to its unique three-degree resting angle, you can save space in the garage or wherever you're at, by parking your car on top – and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.


We're ready to welcome you to the Futura family!

With all that in mind, it’s time to contact Futura Trailers to see how you can get your hands one of our lowering trailer models. Send us an inquiry today and we’ll connect you with an authorized Futura dealer near you or one of our friendly staff will get in contact to answer your questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Futura family.

We are dedicated to our customers and want to ensure we offer a premium experience throughout ownership. We offer a range of resources, DIY, and How-To videos to owners to ensure you're equipped with what you need as a #FuturaOwner.

Every customer matters and that’s why you’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience to go with our one-of-a-kind premium trailers, the easiest and most enjoyable solution for transporting your vehicle.

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