Engineered to be Effortless.

Vehicle Trailers

Futura Vehicle Trailers.

A revolutionary vehicle trailer.

Futura Trailers designed the world’s first aluminum vehicle trailer with lowering design and engineering.

Utilising innovative technology and materials like our wireless remote and electrical lowering system, your vehicle hauling experience is made effortless.


Engineered for the long haul.

Engineered to be Effortless

We use innovative design and engineering to create the world’s best trailer experience. This is underpinned by employees who have a passion for vehicles, allowing our customers to have a quality experience with their investment.

Led by innovative design.

Innovation is a founding pillar that drives every aspect at Futura Trailers. We designed the world’s first aluminium lowering trailer, actuated completely electronically.

Our lowering technology is continuously evolving to ensure our customers have the best trailer experience possible.


The culmination of over 65 years of trailer innovation.

The Reid family started building trailers in 1956, before growing to be one of New Zealand’s largest and most respected trailer brands.

With that lineage, as well as a passion for motorsport, Reid brother’s Glen and Jake have engineered the popular vehicle trailer into one of the world’s most innovative, effortless and dependable vehicle trailers in the world.


The world’s best trailer experience.

The lightweight aluminium design allows your Futura trailer to be easily manoeuvred when unloaded and gives you a greater load rating for your vehicle. The 3 degree approach angle and flared tail makes driving or winching your vehicle on, much more effortless.


Assembled in the USA

Futura Trailers are committed to quality, safety & innovation - that's why we've passed our NATM certification with flying colours every time.

With facilities in both California and South Carolina, our trailers are assembled in the USA to the highest standard.

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Why choose Futura?

At Futura, we believe in offering our customers the world’s best trailer experience through innovative design and engineering.

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Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our customers.


"I knew I wanted this trailer. It's wider and has a flared tail so it's even easier to get your car on." Matt, BMW Racer, North Carolina


"At the track, I'm the first one with my car off the trailer and at the end of the day loaded and tied down before anybody else." Jimmy, Porsche Owner, Ohio


"It's a very simple system: battery, winch cable, and the trailer body itself. If you want cool factor, Futura is the only way to go." Chance, Car Enthusiast, Texas


"The quality of it, the design, the functionality, everything about these trailers is just superb and A-class." Greg, 4 x Bathurst Champion, Auckland, NZ


"The trailer is so light, I tow it with a normal truck. It tows very easily." Carl, Dodge Viper Owner, California


"Like most things Futura, this is the most innovative product we have ever seen." Brett Costa, Car Enthusiast, California