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Futura S575-Q3 Boat Trailer

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    Discover the Futura S575-Q3

    The Futura S575 Q3 trailer comes with 6 adjustable quad rollers spread over the rear, mid and front cross-members. The in-house designed roller system, anodised aluminium chassis and axles and mag wheels as standard, make the S575 Q3 trailer a great looking and innovative solution.

    • 5750mm


    • 2250mm


    • 750kg

      Load Capacity


    Futura S575-Q3 Features

    The S575-Q3 boat trailer is an innovative approach to a common design, packed with features that makes owning a boat effortless.

    Futura S575-Q3 side view

    Anodised aluminium design

    The lightweight, anodized aluminium chassis is a world first in boat trailer design, reducing the risk of corrosion and giving you more longevity

    Weld-free design

    All Futura marine trailers are weld-free by design, allowing trailers to flex and completely removing the risk of welds cracking

    Futura S575-Q3 rear view

    Futura S575-Q3 side view

    Anodised aluminium axle

    In another world first design, the Futura S575-Q3 has an anodised aluminium axle. The aluminium axle reduces another point of corrosion, constantly subjected to the harsh salt water environment.

    Supportive and protective roller system

    The durable thermoplastic rubber rollers are designed to support your boat down the length of the hull and reduce the chance of marking or damage when launching and retrieving

    Futura S575-Q3 side view

    It’s simply better looking!

    The Futura S575-Q3 trailer has an anodised finish that simply looks great in your driveway, on the road and at the boat ramp

    Futura S575-Q3 side view


    Engineered for the long haul.

    The S575 Q3 is the boat trailer of choice for owners that insist on a premium finish that will stand the test of time

    • Futura S575-Q3 boat trailer loading Stabicraft boat into the water at a boat ramp in Auckland, New Zealand
    • Stabicraft boat in the water in New Zealand with Futura Boat Trailers
    • Stabicraft boat in New Zealand with Futura boat trailer
    • Futura S575-Q3 boat trailer in South Island, New Zealand, with Stabicraft boat
    • Futura S575-Q3 boat trailer in South Island, New Zealand
    • Futura S575-Q3 boat trailer in South Island, New Zealand
    • Stabicraft boat on the water with Futura Trailers
    • Stabicraft boat on the water in New Zealand with Futura Trailers
    • Stabicraft boat on the water in New Zealand with Futura Trailers

    Don't just take our word for it, hear it from our customers


    "The quality of it, the design, the functionality, everything about these trailers is just superb and A-class." Greg, 4 x Bathurst Champion, Auckland, NZ


    "At the track, I'm the first one with my car off the trailer and at the end of the day loaded and tied down before anybody else." Jimmy, Porsche Owner, Ohio


    "I knew I wanted this trailer. It's wider and has a flared tail so it's even easier to get your car on." Matt, BMW Racer, North Carolina


    "We are very proud to be able to transport a Formula 1 Car with such a wonderful trailer. I highly recommend Futura." Carl, Performance Shop Owner, South Carolina


    "This trailer always brings a crowd. People come over to see how I unload my car because I'm all by myself, and they don't see any ramps." Steven, Nissan GTR R35 Owner, California


    "It's very easy to move around by hand unloaded because it's so light-weight. George, Car Collector, Missouri

    Frequently asked questions

    • How do I register as a Futura Trailer Owner?

      There are several ways you can register your trailer.

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      If your authorized Futura dealer completed your handover, you should receive an email with a link to register your trailer.

    • When will my trailer be ready?

      Our trailers generally are available immediately through your nearest dealer, if not the lead time should not be more than 4 weeks. Click here to find your nearest dealer.

    • How do I order Futura parts?

      You can order parts through your Futura trailer dealer of by contacting us directly using the Parts Order form on this web site. Our friendly After Sales team will respond with price, availability and delivery options. Please indicate the last 5 digits of your Futura trailer VIN number when ordering parts to allow us to correctly identify your trailer.

    Stabicraft boat with Futura S575-Q3 boat trailer in New Zealand

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