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Racing Legend Greg Murphy reviews Futura Trailers

Bathurst legend and Futura ambassador, Greg Murphy gives his expert review of Futura aluminum lowering trailers

Greg Murphy is one of the greats of motorsports and a Kiwi motor racing Legend with over 400 V8 Supercar starts. He is best known for being a four-time winner of the Bathurst 1000 and one of our ambassadors here at Futura Trailers. In 2019 Greg was inducted into the Bathurst Legends Lane, which is Australia & New Zealand's motorsports version of the Hall of Fame.

Murphy has since taken a turn in his motorsport career. Instead of being behind the wheel, he’s behind the mic and camera. He co-hosts a popular TV series; Skyspeed on SkyGo network and is a commentator for Supercars Championship races. Although his racing career involved driving at high speeds, he’s now an active advocate for driver training and safety, and in making smart decisions when on the road.

Greg Murphy and Futura Founder Glen have a shared passion for motorsport and that’s what built their now long-standing alliance and friendship. Murphy frequents visits at Futura Trailers headquarters to get the low-down on new ideas and product designs so he can be the first on the market with the latest Futura products. Here, he gives his expert review of Futura Trailers.

Greg Murphy Futura Trailers

Aluminum lowering trailer operation

The operation of this aluminum lowering trailer couldn’t be easier. The wireless remote control takes all the hard work out of operating. One press of the button and the whole trailer lowers to the ground and back up again.

Greatest features

  1. When the trailer lowers to the ground, the deck is only an inch off the pavement which makes it very easy to get the car safely on.
  2. 3 degrees is the deck angle which makes it perfect for racecars like mine that have a low front spoiler. It relieves the hassle of unbolting or taking the spoiler off to get the car on the trailer. You can get the boys to push it or drive it on, simple as that.
  3. The Futura aluminum lowering trailer is incredibly well designed and engineered. All chassis parts are made from 6005 aluminum extrusion.

The brilliant simplicity of this design means you can be in your car, lower the trailer to the ground, drive it straight onto the deck and with remote-in-hand, raise your trailer up, climb out, tie it down, and you are out in just a couple of minutes.



There are also optional premium accessories to add onto this fantastic aluminum lowering trailer. First up, the tire rack is removable, lightweight, and easy to get on and off–a fantastic asset if you have that spare set of wet tires or slicks. Another accessory is the thermo plastic rock guard–again, removable, lightweight, very durable, and protects your expensive asset sitting on behind. If you are by yourself without your mates, you can also opt for a recovery winch–line it up, hook on your car, and winch it on with the press of a button. Fantastic. 

If you want the best and easiest solution to move your pride and joy anywhere, then the Futura aluminum lowering trailer is it. Find out which Futura Trailer is right for your car.

Contact the Futura team to get your questions answered and to be connect to an authorized Futura dealer to begin the purchasing process.


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