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Was The Tesla Cybertruck Drag Race just Debunked?

Motor Trend recreates and investigates the controversial Cybertruck 1/4 drag race to see if it holds up to scrutiny

When Elon Musk first introduced the Tesla Cybertruck to the world, he made a bold claim: “It can tow a Porsche 911 across the quarter mile faster than the Porsche 911 can go by itself.”

This statement, backed by a dramatic video, showcased the Cybertruck towing a Porsche 911 on a Futura Club Sport trailer, narrowly beating the iconic sports car in a drag race.

The video went viral, capturing the imagination of millions, but left many skeptical. Motor Trend decided to put this claim to the test once again.

Watch: Tesla Cybertruck destroys Porsche 911 in Drag race

Revisiting the Epic Stunt

Motor Trend, known for its rigorous testing and fact-checking, decided to replicate Tesla's stunt to see if the Cybertruck's towing prowess held up under scrutiny.

This time, the test involved a 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera T, a Futura Club Sport trailer, and the formidable Tesla Cybertruck Beast.

Porsche 911 on Futura Club Sport car trailer

The Race Setup

In the spirit of scientific inquiry, Motor Trend set up the race meticulously. The Cybertruck was hitched to our ultralightweight Futura Club Sport aluminum trailer, renowned for its innovative design and engineering.

Weighing in at just 971 pounds (with the optional spare wheel kit loaded), our trailer is the lightest car hauler on the market, designed to handle even the most demanding conditions with ease.

The race pitted the Cybertruck, towing a Porsche 911 on our trailer, against a solo Porsche 911 Carrera T. The Futura Club Sport trailer’s advanced features, including its world-first anodized aluminum construction and smart control system, were critical in ensuring a seamless and stable towing experience.

Tesla Cybertruck with Porsche 911 on Futura Trailer

The Results Are In

Over six quarter-mile drag races, the Porsche 911 Carrera T emerged victorious every time.

The closest finish saw the Porsche crossing the line 0.229 seconds ahead of the Cybertruck.

While the Cybertruck Beast, powered by 845 horsepower, put up a valiant fight, it simply couldn't outpace the Porsche 911 when towing.

Porsche 911 drag race with Tesla Cybertruck

Innovation Meets Performance

This test highlights not only the impressive performance of the Porsche 911 but also the reliability and durability of the Futura Club Sport trailer.

Our trailer, with its revolutionary lowering system and weld-free aluminum design, handled the challenge with ease, demonstrating why Futura Trailers are the choice for those who demand the best car trailer on the market for their special vehicle.

Porsche 911 vs Cybertruck Drag Race Debunked by MotorTrend

The Futura Advantage

Futura Trailers’ commitment to innovation and quality engineering ensures that our trailers deliver the world’s best towing experience.

Whether it’s the advanced materials, smart control systems, or the meticulous design philosophy that considers every detail, we pride ourselves on creating products that exceed expectations.

Our trailers are not just about hauling; they’re about enhancing every journey with unparalleled performance and reliability.

Porsche 911 beating Tesla Cybertruck in drag race

Final Thoughts

While the Tesla Cybertruck may not have beaten the Porsche 911 Carrera T in this race, the real winner here is the engineering and design prowess demonstrated by Futura Trailers.

Our Club Sport trailer proved its mettle, handling high speeds and heavy loads effortlessly, reaffirming our position as leaders in the trailer industry.

For those who demand the best in performance and reliability, Futura Trailers offers the perfect blend of innovation, durability, and design excellence.

Whether you're towing a race car or simply looking for the best trailer on the market, Futura Trailers delivers an unmatched experience.

Porsche 911 vs Tesla Cybertruck towing a Porsche 911 on a Futura car Trailer

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