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Our VIP Offer to the BaT Community

$1,000 in Complementary Accessories with the purchase of a Futura Trailer

Now, you can actually bring a trailer...or upgrade your existing car trailer to the most innovative trailers on the market.

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We're Futura Trailers, the creators of the world's first ever remote-controlled, electric, all aluminum lowering car trailer, made for all types of vehicles.

We've partnered with the team at Bring a Trailer to give you an exclusive offer on a Futura Trailer - available to select Bring a Trailer Alumni only...

With every new trailer, you'll get a FREE Recovery Winch + Spare Wheel Kit!


Why Choose a Futura Trailer?


Futura Trailers don't just make regular car trailers - we strive to create the world’s best trailer experience, using innovative design & engineering.

Packed with top of the line features and premium materials, Futura Trailers stand out from the rest, and are proudly assembled right here in the United States 🇺🇸

Innovative Lowering Action


Using a remote control, the Futura Trailer lowers down straight to the ground - no more messing around with ramps.

The trailer has a 3 degree approach angle, the lowest on the market - which allows for even the lowest cars to drive on no problem.

Lightest In Class


Using an Anodized Aluminum construction, Futura Trailers are among the lightest car trailers on the market.

This lets you enjoy: easier loading, stress free towing, greater fuel economy, a higher load capacity, more durable design...and the best looking trailer on the market ✅

Airline Track System


Futura's patented Airline Track System allows for flexible & effortless securing of your precious cargo to the trailer.

Using the Futura Airline Track Rings and Tie Down Set, you have access to the easiest and most flexible tie down system on the market.

Included In This Offer

With this exclusive offer, we're giving you a FREE Recovery Winch + Spare Wheel Kit.

This is an awesome combo - the Recovery Winch ensures that you'll have an easy time loading your special vehicle, and the Spare Wheel Kit will keep you and your trailer rolling 🛞

Recovery Winch


With the Futura Recovery Winch, loading your car is effortless.

It's especially useful if your car has a race clutch, is super wide, or you don't have a spotter. Loading the trailer with the Recovery Winch is a one-person job.

The winch can be clipped on at any point on the perimeter of the trailer using the airline track system.

The rope can be guided using the Airline Track Rings, which can also clip on anywhere on the Airline Track (4 rings come standard with every trailer).

This grants you the most versatile and easy car trailer loading system available on the market today.

Spare Wheel Kit


The Futura Spare Wheel Kit mounts underneath the trailer deck, making sure your trailer always has a spare wheel ready to go.

It's easy to access and is the same specification as the regular wheels and tires.

This gives you peace of mind to know that nothing will hold you back from getting the most out of your special vehicle.

A Futura Trailer can be equipped with 2 Spare Wheels, we're giving you one completely for free.

Other Premium Accessories

We cater to all car enthusiasts - whether you're a classic car guy, track day racer, drifter, supercar owner...the list goes on!

With a Futura, you can customize your trailer to suit your every need.


Tie Down Set

The Futura Tie Down Set wraps around your wheel effortlessly, to secure your vehicle quickly and easily


Tire Rack

Keep a set of spare tires where you need it most


Rock Guard

The Rock Guard protects your special vehicle from any debris while on the road


Airline Track Ring

The Airline Track Rings allow for the most flexible securing of your car on the trailer

Build the trailer you've always dreamed of...


Built by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts

After much time wasted and headaches on the racetrack while using traditional car trailers, car enthusiast brothers Glen & Jake sought to solve the pain of car hauling once and for all.

Having grown up building trailers in their youth for their family business, they used their extensive trailer knowledge & expertise to develop a revolutionary car trailer.

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