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Choosing a Lowering Trailer


All Futura Trailers are equipped with unique features that are invaluable for motorsport enthusiasts, classic car owners, and car builders, and they’re a must-have for car transport companies. To be connected to an authorized Futura dealer near you, or to get in contact with a member from the Futura team, fill out one of three forms on our contact page, depending on your inquiry, or click on any of the Talk to Sales buttons conveniently located throughout the site. We can help you fulfil your trailer dreams and be among the exclusive group of Futura lowering trailer owners across our distributing locations.

What makes Futura Lowering Trailers the right choice?

There seems to be one universal complaint and age-old issue of car haulers; how to load and haul a vehicle with low ground clearance and an overall, easy-to-use trailer to maneuver alone. Trailers that require ramps are difficult to use and cause damage to the vehicle or load. We had this issue when we visited tracks and attended events and is the inspiration behind the design of our Sport Range of remote-controlled lowering trailers.

Futura Trailers are lightweight and easy to use. They are uniquely designed to lower to the ground with the touch of a button. They completely eliminate the need for ramps or tilting decks. With the use of the remote control, pressing either the UP or DOWN button, a synthetic rope and pulley system lower the trailer to the ground with ease. This cuts down the loading angle to a mere three degrees and makes bumping and scraping a thing of the past.

Drive or winch your vehicle on to the lowered deck and raise the trailer while you're still sitting in the drivers seat. You're then able to open the car door and get out. If your vehicle sits low and getting out of the car could potentially come in contact with the trailer fenders, remove the fenders with the quick-release fasteners to allow for even more clearance to eliminate any risk of damage.

We understand that moving your pride and joy from one location to another is important and we want to remove the risk of damage completely with our Sport Range of lowering trailers. Whether it’s your business to transport cars, you're visiting events or track days, or you're an enthusiast, the value of a Futura lowering trailer can’t be understated. It’s simply the obvious choice for long-term reliability and convenience.


Thinking about size

When you’re looking at your options, the only thing you’ll want to consider is the size of the trailer deck you’ll need. Our models range from 16' 5" (5000 mm) to 19' 8" (6000 mm) with some other options depending on availability in our distributing locations. Contact us for more information and details on the models that are available in your location. 

You’ll want to consider the length of your current vehicle and ensure sufficient space and load capacity for hauling your vehicle. You can also look for other premium accessories to better accommodate your needs. 

Premium Accessories include

  • Rock guard - to prevent debris from damaging your load after being kicked up while driving
  • Recovery Winch - allowing you to winch your car on and off the trailer
  • Tire rack - to secure your wheels on to the trailer for events or for cool factor
  • Mounted spare wheel - for potential breakdowns
  • Adjustable tie-downs (set of 4) - to tie down your load on to the continuous airline track

To order spare parts or any of our specially designed premium accessories, fill out the Parts Order form and we will send any parts or accessories to you wherever you are in our distributing locations.


Owner Resources: Knowledge Base, DIY & Maintenance Tips

Futura Trailers are a mechanically engineered product susceptible to damage with incorrect use. Be sure to gain the proper knowledge and read through some helpful maintenance tips and download a copy of the owners Lowering Trailer Manual to understand how to use the trailer correctly. We also offer a range of DIY and other owner resources and videos through The Futura Knowledge Base.

You are welcome to contact Futura Trailers directly with any technical or servicing problems or concerns.


Our commitment to delivering the very best customer experience is at the core of everything we do at Futura, we proudly stand behind the quality engineering and components used in all of our products. You can buy any of our expertly crafted aluminum lowering trailers with the confidence that we will stand by you for the duration of your Futura ownership experience.


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