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Futura Trailers battery charger not working

Check 3 Amp fuse (or fuses on early model trailers) on the onboard battery charger to ensure neither has blown. If a fuse has blown replace it with a 3 Amp Automotive Blade Fuse.


North American trailer models only - Check the onboard chargers' voltage input connection at the trailer's 7-way plug (the 12V Power pin)


Note: on NZ and AU models the trailer running lights must be on for the battery charger to receive input voltage and function.

Solar Panel

The solar charger will take a long time to bring a flat battery up to full charge, the solar panel is designed to maintain the battery at the charge it was left at and not let it drop over time, if the panel has sufficient sunlight on it.

If you suspect the onboard battery charger is not working then try to charge the battery with an external battery charger such as a CTEK Multi US 3300 12-Volt Universal Battery Charger.

Connect an External Battery Charger

To connect an external battery charger without removing the battery from the Gen3 lowering trailer follow this guide.

If you require additional support, please get in touch with the Futura team directly, and we will gladly assist you in resolving the matter.

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