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Maintaining the Futura Vehicle Trailer Jack (Jockey Wheel)

This video will explain how to grease the Knott Jack (Jockey Wheel)

If your Knott folding trailer jack is sticking and difficult to wind down, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and possibly fix the issue:

1. Lubrication: The most common reason for a trailer jack to stick is lack of lubrication. Apply a liberal amount of a good-quality grease or lubricating oil to the moving parts of the jack, especially the screw mechanism.

Silicone-based lubricants or graphite lubricants are good options as they tend not to attract dirt.

2. Clean the Jack: Dirt, grime, and rust can cause the jack to stick. Clean off any visible debris using a wire brush or cloth. After cleaning, lubricate the parts.

3. Check for Damage or Rust: Inspect the jack for any signs of damage or excessive rust, particularly around the screw and any folding mechanisms. If rust is present, you may need to use a rust remover before applying lubricant.Here’s the corrected version of your term:

4. Remove the Load: Use a car jack to raise the tongue of the trailer, thereby removing the load from the jack. Try winding the jack with the load off of it.

The Knott jack will jam if the trailer tongue is too low to allow the folding wheel mechanism to correctly engage. Ensure your tow vehicle hitch is above the minimum height as specified in the trailer’s owner’s manual (14 inches for the USA).

5. Inspect for Alignment Issues: Make sure that the jack is correctly aligned and not bending under load, which can cause binding and make it hard to operate.

Ensure that it’s properly mounted and that all bolts and fasteners are tight.Safety - Use a Jack Stand: If you manage to lower the jack, it’s a good idea to use a jack stand to support the trailer while you inspect and work on the jack.

This is safer and prevents the trailer from moving.If after these steps the jack still doesn’t operate smoothly, it might be damaged internally (stripped gears, bent components) and may need professional repair or replacement.

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