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SmartControl Remote Pairing Procedure

For Lowering Trailers with VIN after 3172

Futura Trailer Voltmeter and Toolbox

1. Activate the SmartControl remote by pressing and holding the two top buttons for approximately 3 seconds.

2. Switch OFF the winch 12V Master switch on the SmartControl box.

3. On the SmartControl box, simultaneously press and hold the Lift Winch switch UP and the Recovery Winch switch ON.

4. Turn ON the winch 12V Master switch.

5. Maintain the hold on the winch switches for approximately 6 seconds until a beeping sound commences.

6. Within 10 seconds of the beeping initiation, press any button on the remote.

Pairing will conclude successfully upon cessation of the beeping or if the pairing mode times out after 10 seconds.

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