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Troubleshooting Guide: Trailer Winch Not Raising - Sport Range with SmartControl

This article provides troubleshooting steps for resolving issues with trailer winches on both early and new model trailers. Early models feature relay, sensor, and micro relay systems, while new models utilize SmartControl technology.


Early Model Sport Range Trailers

Component to control trailer raising winch:

- Relay

- Sensor

- Micro relay


These components stop the winch when the trailer reaches the top of its lift.

Sport Range Trailers with SmartControl


- SmartControl


SmartControl electronic circuitry detects an increase in current when the trailer is fully raised and cuts power to the winch, eliminating the need for relays and sensor.

The SmartControl has the additional function of stopping he winch from over running in the Down direction, this feature is designed to help prevent the winch rope from corssing on the winch drum.

Troubleshooting Steps for SmartControl Trailers

If your trailer is not raising, SmartControl might be detecting increased current due to an excessive load and stopping the winch. Possible causes include a crossed-up and jammed rope or a low trailer battery voltage. Follow these steps to diagnose and resolve the issue:

1. Check Battery Voltage

- Use a voltmeter to measure the battery voltage.

- Ensure the battery voltage is at least 12.2 volts.

2. Inspect the Winch Rope

- Verify that the rope is not crossed up or tangled on the winch.

3. Monitor Battery Voltage Under Load

- Press the up button on the winch control.

- Observe if the battery voltage drops significantly when the button is pressed. A notable drop may indicate a problem with the battery or excessive load on the winch.


By following these steps, you can identify and resolve issues with your trailer winch. If the problem persists after checking the battery voltage and inspecting the rope, further investigation or professional assistance may be required.

For more detailed support or additional questions, please contact our technical support team at: trailers@futuratrailers.com

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