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Revolutionizing vehicle transportation: West Coast Customs teams up with Futura Trailers and their innovative lowering aluminum car trailers

West Coast Customs and Futura Trailers are pleased to announce their partnership that will see West Coast Customs using Futura’s world-first innovative low lowering aluminum car trailers for all its vehicle transportation needs.

Ryan Friedlinghaus, founder and CEO of West Coast Customs said that they were looking for a better solution for the delivery of their one-of-a kind custom car builds to their clients. “We’ve been using standard steel car hauler trailers for years but they’re heavy, difficult to manoeuvre and just don’t have the right look for the quality of our custom work”.


Mr Friedlinghaus said “our team spotted the awesome looking lowering Futura trailer on Instagram, so we reached out to them to find out more”.

Futura has been selling its lowering trailers to track-day race car owners since 2016 and jumped at the opportunity to partner with West Coast Customs to branch into the custom and speciality car market. Futura CEO, Damian Camp explained “the custom, speciality and classic car market is significantly larger than the track-day race car market. Our electronic smart-control lowering trailers are constructed with anodised aluminum which makes them durable and light-weight. Because they are easy to use and look great, they are the perfect match with car enthusiasts”.

“We’re excited about working with Ryan and the West Coast Customs team to deliver a superior vehicle trailer experience for their clients” said Mr Camp.

The partnership between the two companies will see West Coast Customs using Futura’s open and enclosed models of its lowering car trailers and promoting them to its customers.

More about (http://www.westcoastcustoms.com/)West Coast Customs (http://www.westcoastcustoms.com/) (http://www.westcoastcustoms.com/)

West Coast Customs was established by Ryan Friedlinghaus in 1993. In March of 2004, Friedlinghaus’ clientele and pop culture notoriety skyrocketed when Pimp My Ride became a smash hit on MTV, and over the decades he has continued to grow his global brand’s reach across various media platforms.

Friedlinghaus has built an empire creating impeccably customized cars for a wide array of clientele, ranging from pro athletes, celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and International Royalty. West Coast Customs HQ is a 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art base in Burbank, California.

The facility features 12 industry leading departments offering a range of extraordinary custom services for projects of any size, scope and budget. Fans from all over the world visit to tour West Coast Customs for photo opportunities with iconic vehicles and closer look behind the scenes of the legendary work being done on-site.

More about Futura Trailers (http://www.futuratrailers.com/)

Established by motorsport fanatic brothers Glen and Jake Reid in 2010, Futura Trailers builds on a family legacy of engineering the world’s best trailers started by their father in 1956. With manufacturing facilities in California and South Carolina and 30 dealers throughout the USA, Futura leads the market in aluminum car trailers.

Futura lowering trailers are engineered with in-depth knowledge of structural design, cutting-edge materials and a deep appreciation for the end users’ requirements. The result is an extremely strong yet lightweight design, with striking aesthetics, capable of lowering to the ground with the touch of a button.

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