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It’s finally here. Futura Trailers have designed and manufactured an enclosed lowering trailer, built with all the same Futura innovations and design techniques that make our trailers the best on the market today. And now, you’ll have the benefit of an enclosed space to protect your precious cargo from the elements.

Introducing the Futura Super Tourer, the enclosed model of the Sport Range of lowering trailers. You're welcome to contact us and inquire about availability, pricing, and purchasing options of Futura's Super Tourer enclosed lowering trailer.


Nowhere else on earth are you going to find something similar. Futura Trailers enclosed lowering trailer is a world-first lowering curtain side trailer. Designed to transport wide and low vehicles without the need for ramps or a tilting deck and keeps your vehicle protected safely out of the weather.

It’s the first enclosed lowering trailer on the market, featuring the same lowering technology you’ll find in all of our lowering trailer models. The lowering technology allows you to lower the trailer to the ground with just the push of a button and when lowered, has a three degree approach angle.

This prevents damage sustained during the loading process. This is not only ideal for vehicles with low ground clearance, but it’s also suitable for wider vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about scraping the sides of the trailer while you’re loading.



All Futura Trailers in the Sport Range of lowering trailers are lightweight and easy to use - The Super Tourer enclosed lowering trailer is not different.

They are built from the highest quality anodised aluminum, with an almost indestructible front panel. On top of that, they come with a high-tensile, flexible enclosure membrane.

This makes it the lightest and most versatile enclosed trailer in the world. For you, that means better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance, and a trailer that works with what you need.



One unique feature you’ll find with the Super Tourer is the opening sides. Usually, getting in and out of the car once it’s loaded is its own challenge.

However, with these models, you’ll get removable side panels for easy access to the vehicle once it’s loaded. This can also give you more room to completely secure the car before hitting the road.



There are other great features for convenience you’ll be able to enjoy, including the continuous airline track to tie-down and secure your load to the strongest points of the trailer.

This gives you more options to perfectly tying down your vehicle and adds to the trailer’s versatility. This enclosed model is also weather-resistant. Of course, this is to benefit the cargo inside the trailer, but it’s also to ensure your Super Tourer lasts a lifetime.



The list of benefits and key features that are included in the design of the Futura Super Tourer enclosed lowering trailer goes beyond your aspirations as an owner.

You can also choose to add premium accessories like the Tire Rack and Recovery Winch to suit your needs.

Some of those features include

  • Dependable electric brakes - to make it easier and faster for the entire hauling unit to come to a complete stop.
  • LED lighting - energy-efficient and brighter alternative to some of the more standard industry lighting options.
  • Solar panel charging unit - to charge the battery while you're one the road
  • Protection against weather and UV - the sides are tensile membranes and designed to last for years.
  • The front 10mm thick thermoplastic is almost indestructible, lightweight, and weatherproof.
  • The non-stick surface looks great and is scratch resistant.
  • It cleans easy.
  • The sides unzipped and open to enable easy loading and tying down.

Concealed wiring puts unsightly inner workings out of sight, and can also protect them from damage. However, they’re still easily accessible when you need to maintenance them.

The interlocking aluminum deck adds to the durability of the overall trailer and the 8PRY Light Truck Tires make for better, stronger hauls.

And that’s not the end of it. There are dozens of reasons to get a Futura Super Tourer enclosed lowering trailer, but at the end of the day, you’ll want to do it to make transporting precious cargo effortless and ultimately, a more enjoyable experience.

When you’re ready, contact Futura and we will put you in touch with an authorized Futura dealer near you to discuss pricing and purchasing options.


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